POS Hardware Basics

cash drawerEvery business needs a point of sale system that will serve its main function: taking payments, but from there a lot of possibilities come up that can help you to better serve your clients and keep track of exactly where your business is currently and where it’s going. Merchant POS systems are getting more and more efficient and precise with their software options and fancy hardware components, but at the end of the day there are only a few basics you really need.


Barcodes are the most basic part of any retail shop’s ability to keep track of inventory and make sales more accurate. But, in order to use them you need a scanner that can keep up with the demand of your store. Hand held scanners will work well with many stores, but anywhere that experiences high volume and long lines might want to invest in in-counter devices that make scanning items as fast and easy as possible.

Payment and Cash Drawers

Today’s world is increasingly cashless. Debit cards and even mobile wallets are quickly outpacing the need to keep excess amounts of change on hand, but almost every business wants to have it just in case. There’s no need to alienate someone whose preferred method is dollar bills. In order to make sure that you keep your cash safe, a cash drawer is essential. It’s particularly important to choose one that is durable and will integrate well with your chosen software. This way receipts will print at the right moment, making each transaction more efficient.

Full Terminals

If the cash drawer feels a bit unnecessary, then it should be obvious that you need a card reader that can withstand a lot of use. Often times the best solution for a reliable and functional card reader that will integrate well with scanners and cash drawers is a full terminal. Those like the  Verfione full Terminal integrate all aspects of your POS software and hardware on an easy to use touch screen. Having a powerful computer like this for your staff to use will help to cut down on error and make training even easier.

Mobile POS Systems

mobile POS systemToday’s increasingly wireless world has been slowly creeping in on businesses as well as social interactions. It’s becoming more and more common to free workers from the traditional counter or check-out area and let them roam stores and restaurants while taking the ability to receive payments with them. Even if you are looking for a used POS system, there are plenty of options available that will let you free your staff and lots of benefits to doing so.

Going Fully Mobile

There are newer, more advanced systems that will take your POS software everywhere your workers are, while some older models of Verfione card readers have the functionality to process payments and then later on sync up to your more comprehensive software. The benefit of going fully mobile is that you can cut down on the possibilities of connection issues and also have all sales data immediately at your fingertips. But, there is an expense to these systems and those businesses with smaller volumes or tighter budgets might find that choosing a used POS system with some mobile capabilities is the best option for their store.

Benefits of Mobile

On a basic level, mobile systems provide all of the same benefits as a regular POS system. They will still provide receipts (although more and more this can be done via email, cutting down on your need to even stock receipt paper or the need for a thermal printer) keep track of inventory, and take payments. But they offer a lot that can help your business grow and give you more time to move product. Anyone who has been in Apple store can easily see the benefits of mobile POS systems. Roaming sales staff that can also take payments cuts down on long check- out lines, and even if customers have to wait a while to catch the attention of a staff member in order to pay for their items, they’re still doing so in the store. This gives them more time to browse, and you more opportunities to make sales. Mobile really is the wave of the future, so as we move into a New year it might be the perfect time to think about updating your POS system. Even outfitting it with a step towards completely mobile will help to modernize your business and give you an edge that others might be missing out on.

POS Systems for Hospitality

pos hospitalityWhile retail businesses need to keep track of the sale and the inventory,hospitality systems have to help staff members interact with their customers. In the restaurant business in particular, you need a POS system that isn’t about just a one-time transaction, but rather gives support to your team members as they interact with customers and clients over a longer period of time.

Hospitality Teams

Hospitality POS systems need to be able to keep track of orders until they are completed, and then take a payment. They also should make it easier for the sale to be customized to a client or customer’s needs. In a restaurant you need a system that will allow the orders to be processed, payment to be taken, and then receipts to be printed. They also need to communicate this information to multiple locations. You will probably have a front of house that keeps track of reservations and seating, then wait staff that will customize orders, and kitchens that actually execute what your customer is looking for. There’s a lot of room for error with so many different components, which is why having one easy-to-use fully integrated system will help cut down on confusion and make your staff into more of a team that can work together.


With so many different parts of your staff working together to keep your customer happy until they pay the bill and get the receipt, he simple barcode scanner that might work for a lot of retail businesses isn’t going to cut it. Barcode scanners might become important for keeping track of certain items, but for the most part you will want all-in one systems like a Verifone POS terminal for each section of your team. These terminals will allow for the input and sharing of information as well printing receipts and payment reception. Connecting your team with advanced POS software and giving everyone access will help in improving your efficiency and accuracy in getting orders correct and payments taken in a timely manner. Hospitality can be an extremely difficult business to manage, but having a POS system that helps you to better integrate all the moving parts of your restaurant will make things run smoother. Think about how your POS system will make customer’s experience better from the moment they walk in the door instead of just how it will take their payment methods, and you’ll see vast improvements in multiple areas.

POS Systems for Retail

POS SystemAlmost every business has one crucial thing in common: making the sale. The technology market of today provides seemingly limitless possibilities in the equipment that can help your business make transactions more secure and more efficient, but if you are searching for a new or used POS system, it’s important to get one that’s tailored to your industry. If your business deals in retail, then you need a POS system that will be specially suited to the way you interact with your customers.

Inventory, Customers, and the Sale

For any retail business, the most important parts of a POS system are inventory, customers, and of course, the sale. There is a variety of software available that will address different needs of retail stores. Beyond the simple transaction, certain POS systems will work with you to process customer loyalty programs and inputting sales data into bookkeeping software. Systems that do this will help you to better keep track of your customers, their shopping habits, and of course the state of your inventory.


Retail businesses of any size will need a system that addresses these points, but its volume that will determine how advanced of a system you should be looking for. More inventory means looking for a more advanced POS system that will give more detailed reports. But one thing every business should consider is buying a high quality thermal printer for receipts, such as the Verifone printer. Those opting for a used POS system and avoiding the bells and whistles of brand new terminals will still need to be able to produce a high number of receipts every day. Even if your daily volume is lower than a large chain store, running into issues with printing receipts is something everyone wants to avoid. Whatever you business is, there is a point of sale system out there that was designed to address your specific needs and volume. Starts by researching what others in your industry have done, and from there you might be able to find the perfect used POS system for your business.