What’s The Right Machine?

verifone 2For any business, everything you are doing boils down to one moment: the sale. If you don’t have a POS system that integrates well with your employees, your products, and your policies, you’re setting yourself up for major issues with what’s most important and what should be easiest.

Choosing a credit card machine and terminal that works with you is the best way to cut some costs and make your entire operation more efficient. Here is a breakdown of some of the most popular retail machines and the advantages they provide to certain businesses:

Verifone Vx510

A standard credit card machine terminal that has a feature all business owners should be on the lookout for: intuitive interface. When the terminal most resembles an ATM, like this one does, is when you make your customer feel most at ease. This compact model also means that you can leave it stationary on a counter without taking up too much space. It also promises easy installation and connection to terminals and many different POS software programs.

Verifone VX 520

This model will most interest tech savvy business owners that want to be at the forefront of all things technology. A countertop terminal that features contactless card capability and high-speed internet connection, the VX520 is built to serve a wide range of different customers. It also has a fascinating look that will catch people’s attention with white backlit display that’s easy to read for everyone. Some Added features are built-in memory for storing data and security measures that go far above industry standards.

Verifone VX 570

The 570 is a countertop credit card terminal that connects to the internet via router, cable modem, or DSL line. It doesn’t have the bells and whistles of some of its contemporaries like the 520, but it is a proven reliable device that takes payments and features a familiar design that many customers have already encountered. For businesses that are most worried with taking payments without any issue, the 570 is a sure thing.

Whether you want a terminal that will interact with new technologies and help you to keep better track of data, one that will work with a wider range of customers, or simply provide you reliability is a choice you can make based on your business and where you want it to go. But, making sure that you have a POS system your happy with is the key to successful sales.

Verifone Looks to the Future

verifoneCloud technology continues transform the way that a lot of businesses use POS systems, and industry leaders have taken notice. Verifone POS systems and terminals remain industry standards, and the announcement of their upcoming NFC terminal shows that they intend to remain on the forefront of POS technology.

PAYware Mobile e355

For retailers that want the advantage of a mobile system with the confidence and security of an established brand. This upcoming model of Verifone POS should prove the perfect solution.

The system is designed to work with multiple devices and platforms, including Apple Pay as well as traditional credit cards, and it also has special features that should allow it to continue functioning long into the future. A unique added design ensures that it will remain compatible even as iPhones and Androids continue to progress.

Previously, this was a huge issue for retailers looking to break into the mobile payments POS systems. A lot of existing mobile systems require constant upgrading when hardware on smartphones advances, and Verifone decided to address just this issue.

There are also the added benefits of USB connections, Bluetooth, and WiFi capability. These added connections mean that the PAYware will be able to easily sync with existing terminals, share data, and remain relevant even as technology changes.

Updated Software

Verifone softwares are also getting upgrades as the company adds to their list of specialized software. Currently, they offer specific software that addresses the needs of different types of business, ranging from simple POS to data tracking and integration with accounting programs.

For their new mobile friendly system, their Hosted Payment, or PAYware Connect, software will provide a secure gateway to keep lots of data stored remotely and accessible from everywhere.

Your POS In The Clouds

POS In Cloud at IHMRS iMenu Expo 2012One of the biggest trends that’s about to start in the POS industry is discussions about cloud-based systems. These systems have been popping up in progressive coffee shops across the country for some time now, but the increasing prevalence of cloud and tablet technology means that bigger businesses and other industries could soon be taking advantage of a POS system that can work anywhere.

What Is A Cloud POS System?

Cloud systems operate just like traditional POS systems. A central computer is connected to checkout terminals, and that computer records sales data and trends making it easier to analyze your business and keep track of profits. The difference here is that a cloud system has moved the central computer to servers that are nowhere near your store. Instead of a physical central computer, there’s just an app that can be easily added to iPads or more traditional checkout terminals, and all the central controls are accessible from anywhere.

Benefits of Cloud Systems

Cloud-based POS systems allow for incredible access to data. You can run the POS system from anywhere, get reports from anywhere, and all of this goes towards helping you manage your business from anywhere. Many retailers and business owners might worry about the problem of having sensitive material, literally floating around in the air, but security measures are improving everyday.

Security also leads to the second main benefit: credit card companies absorbing the cost of stole cards. Experts estimate that major credit card companies like Visa and Mastercard will start absorbing the cost of goods bought with stolen cards in the next few years, but one of their stipulations will be that retailers are using the latest technologies. Or in other words, you’ll have to upgrade to a cloud-based system in order to get the benefits of upgraded policies with credit card companies.

Another great benefit is that the cost of a system is usually much less and only requires a monthly fee to use the app. These services also work hard to make sure that it’s fast and easy to migrate you data onto the new cloud-based system. Additionally, many business owners are able to resell their former equipment to make the transition cost even less.

Three Key Trends for Restaurant POS Systems

Restaurant POS SystemEvery year, Restaurant POS Software Buyerview conducts a comprehensive survey of restaurant operators to find out what they want and what they’re getting from their POS systems. Finally, the results from 2014 are in, and we can get a clear view into what is working for POS systems in restaurants, and what’s lacking.

First Time Buyers

The report found three key trends for restaurant POS softwares. First, and most surprisingly, is that more than half of the restaurant owners the survey spoke with found that they had previously been using manual methods. This would be the first POS system they had bought, rather than an upgrade. The main reasons that these buyers were turning to POS software for the first time was to increase organization and improve efficiency.

Integrated Suites

Second, restaurant POS buyers who have larger establishments anted fully integrated suites that could accommodate a big space with lots of workers and lots of moving parts. An integrated suite is a POS system that comes with fully integrated accounting software, credit card processing, and user-friendly interface. For restaurants this usually means fully operational Verifone terminals that can connect kitchens, front of house, and ultimately accounting.


The third trend, and probably the least surprising, is that in general restaurant owners, just like almost everyone else, want to stay on top of the latest advances in technology. A large number of restaurant owners reported a strong desire to start integrating tablet technology into their POS system. Needing an integrated suite with some mobile and WIFI connectivity. Allowing waiters to ditch pen and paper, take more accurate orders, and cut down on paper waste with emailed receipts. If you’re a restaurant owner going into business in 2015, it’s important to consider these three key trends and how they could potentially impact your business. Bringing you better results and taking you into the future.