Using Mobile POS Systems

POS HardwareWith all aspects of business becoming increasingly wireless, you can now move entire POS systems onto tablets to eliminate the stationary cash register. Bringing customers and employees closer together than ever before possible. A fully mobile POS system will integrate all the benefits of traditional systems with comprehensive knowledge about your inventory and products to let your employees take everything they need to service your customers with them throughout the store in the palm of their hands.

Here are some of the benefits that you should consider about going mobile with your POS:

Dynamic Functions

Mobile POS systems allow for sales reports, inventory checks, and communication to all be in one place. Designed to be intuitive, a mobile system empowers tablets and other devices to help you and your employees better understand the business and provide incredible service to each and every customer as well as all the information you need to make important decisions being right at your fingertips. Some articles have even suggested the possibility of this technology being opened up to the customer on certain levels, allowing for “smart dressing rooms” where they can get an idea of what else is available on your floor.


This might be an obvious one, but letting you employees move freely through the store opens up a lot of opportunity for better human interaction as well as technological ones. When your employees are free to move around they can give your customers excellent advice, help them find the right item, and then make a sale without needing to transfer them to different employees or stop what they are doing. This more flowing experience offers something really special that customers love and helps to build better relationships, making more opportunities for business.


Mobile POS systems are built to be up to date and show changes in real time, and with their incredible connectivity. Cloud services mean that your reports won’t be constrained to the store’s office computer. You can easily pull up sales reports showing exactly what is happening when you are way—a simple way to give you better access to the information you need to better understand your business.

Technology to Improve Customer Experiences

POS HardwareEvery business strives to get customers to come back. There are a lot of ways to try an make this happen, ranging from sales and discounts to great customer service or dynamic product lines. With all the new technology being developed for POS systems, an important thing to consider is how this technology can improve the overall experience of your customers from the moment they walk through your door to the end of the sale. Here are some of the ways that improved technology can help your staff give exceptional service that will have people coming back again and again.

Faster Payments

Touchless technology is making mobile and digital wallets the fastest and most convenient way for customers to pay for products. Ensuring that you have the latest POS technology to accept all credit cards, manage cash more effectively, and use services like apple pay and other radio-frequency payment systems will attract tech- savvy consumers who prefer to be on the cutting edge.

Better Inventory Knowledge

Having mobile POS systems that can track inventory also means that your employees can better help customers to locate and purchase items. When information about your back storeroom and exact location of products on the shelves are available at the touch of a finer on a tablet, it makes it that much faster for customers to find what they’re looking for. Newer systems also provide the added advantage of systems that include product information, so your employees can answer questions more knowledgeably than ever before.

Online and In-Store Integration

Having all the information possible about your products available digitally means that customers will be able to move more seamlessly from an online experience to your stores. When they want to know if you have something available, you can cut out the time and potential frustration or confusion that might be caused by calling to check on something by simply having them look online.

Each new piece of technology that gets released is built to not only make your experience as a business owner easier, but also make it easier to give your customers the advanced treatment they want. Upgrading to a smarter POS is the first step toward a cutting-edge customer experience.

POS Systems for Retail

POS HardwareRetail businesses have a tough job to complete, they need to make as many sales as possible, while ensuring a positive experience for their customers to generate repeat business. The POS technology of today offers a lot of options for retail establishments, and it can be hard to know what system is best for your business.

If you are looking for a new, or upgraded POS system, here are some aspects of your business to consider that will help you to determine what your business needs and which POS system will help you to best achieve it.

Volume of Sales

Probably the most important aspect of your business to consider thoroughly when you are looking at new POS systems is the amount of business you are currently doing and the amount you hope to be doing in the future.


Inventory is the most important part of any POS system. At any moment, you want to have a clear picture of exactly what is left in your store room or on the floor. Up to date real time information not only helps you to better service customers, it allows for better security, helping you to notice any irregularities or issues faster.

Customer Loyalty

Proper POS software does a lot more than track sales and inventory, it can also help you to foster better relationships with your customer base. Going beyond the usual bookkeeping, advanced software can track buying habits and customer contact information, making it possible for you to target specific shopper’s habits and get to know your best customers. If you have a business that where it makes sense to keep track of this information and have it readily accessible, then a POS system with these advanced features is for you.

Today’s POS systems can do a lot more than just take money and produce receipts. Consider what your business is currently achieving and where you want it to go in the future, and then look for the right terminal, credit card processor, and software to help you get there.

What POS Hardware Does Your Business Need?

POS HardwareEvery business, no matter the size or inventory needs an appropriate POS system.The perfect system is about a lot more than just taking money, it’s intuitive to use by your employees, blends well with your company’s needs, and makes it easy to keep track of what kind of business you’re doing.

The first step to figuring out what kind of POS system will work best with yourbusiness is making a clear plan of your needs. Take can accounting of the size of your business and where you would like it to go in the future. Getting the right hardware for the amount and type of business you are currently doing is a great start, but you might also want to consider how much business you are projecting for the future to make sure that you have the right equipment to accommodate growth.

The Basic Choices in Hardware

Cash Drawers

We are living in a time, where cash can seem like a thing of the past. But even as credit cards, mobile wallets, and even apple pay are making it seem like cash is out of date, a cash drawer is still one of the most essential elements that every business needs for success. Being able to accept cash and keep it safe is essential, so it’s important to choose a durable cash drawer that will work well with your chosen software.


Lower volume retail stores may opt for a more economical scanner, but if you anticipate an increase in sales in the next few years, a scanner designed to take on high volume might be one of the best investments you can make. In general though, a scanner is always the best solution for working with your POS software, making transactions faster and more accurate.

Full Terminals

Instead of buying items individually to create a POS system, you can choose these complete sets that are tailor made to the type of retail or hospitality that your business provides. Verifrone Full Terminals for example integrate, scanners, cash drawers, credit card swipes, and a functioning software built to help you keep track of every last dollar. For businesses that anticipate big growth or simply want to be more accurate, a full terminal can be a big step toward better efficiency.