POS Hardware Basics

cash drawerEvery business needs a point of sale system that will serve its main function: taking payments, but from there a lot of possibilities come up that can help you to better serve your clients and keep track of exactly where your business is currently and where it’s going. Merchant POS systems are getting more and more efficient and precise with their software options and fancy hardware components, but at the end of the day there are only a few basics you really need.


Barcodes are the most basic part of any retail shop’s ability to keep track of inventory and make sales more accurate. But, in order to use them you need a scanner that can keep up with the demand of your store. Hand held scanners will work well with many stores, but anywhere that experiences high volume and long lines might want to invest in in-counter devices that make scanning items as fast and easy as possible.

Payment and Cash Drawers

Today’s world is increasingly cashless. Debit cards and even mobile wallets are quickly outpacing the need to keep excess amounts of change on hand, but almost every business wants to have it just in case. There’s no need to alienate someone whose preferred method is dollar bills. In order to make sure that you keep your cash safe, a cash drawer is essential. It’s particularly important to choose one that is durable and will integrate well with your chosen software. This way receipts will print at the right moment, making each transaction more efficient.

Full Terminals

If the cash drawer feels a bit unnecessary, then it should be obvious that you need a card reader that can withstand a lot of use. Often times the best solution for a reliable and functional card reader that will integrate well with scanners and cash drawers is a full terminal. Those like the  Verfione full Terminal integrate all aspects of your POS software and hardware on an easy to use touch screen. Having a powerful computer like this for your staff to use will help to cut down on error and make training even easier.

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