POS Systems for Hospitality

pos hospitalityWhile retail businesses need to keep track of the sale and the inventory,hospitality systems have to help staff members interact with their customers. In the restaurant business in particular, you need a POS system that isn’t about just a one-time transaction, but rather gives support to your team members as they interact with customers and clients over a longer period of time.

Hospitality Teams

Hospitality POS systems need to be able to keep track of orders until they are completed, and then take a payment. They also should make it easier for the sale to be customized to a client or customer’s needs. In a restaurant you need a system that will allow the orders to be processed, payment to be taken, and then receipts to be printed. They also need to communicate this information to multiple locations. You will probably have a front of house that keeps track of reservations and seating, then wait staff that will customize orders, and kitchens that actually execute what your customer is looking for. There’s a lot of room for error with so many different components, which is why having one easy-to-use fully integrated system will help cut down on confusion and make your staff into more of a team that can work together.


With so many different parts of your staff working together to keep your customer happy until they pay the bill and get the receipt, he simple barcode scanner that might work for a lot of retail businesses isn’t going to cut it. Barcode scanners might become important for keeping track of certain items, but for the most part you will want all-in one systems like a Verifone POS terminal for each section of your team. These terminals will allow for the input and sharing of information as well printing receipts and payment reception. Connecting your team with advanced POS software and giving everyone access will help in improving your efficiency and accuracy in getting orders correct and payments taken in a timely manner. Hospitality can be an extremely difficult business to manage, but having a POS system that helps you to better integrate all the moving parts of your restaurant will make things run smoother. Think about how your POS system will make customer’s experience better from the moment they walk in the door instead of just how it will take their payment methods, and you’ll see vast improvements in multiple areas.

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