Preferred Payment Methods


As we’ve discussed in the past, a POS system should be geared to the business that you are running, and a large part of that is understanding the different payment methods available to your customers and where they like to use them. The recent Consumer Payment Choice Study released findings of adults in the US and what payment methods they used where. To see some of the interesting results, take a look at our breakdown by payment method below:

Debit Cards

Debit remains one of the most popular forms of payment for a variety of different circumstances. The normal everyday or weekly purchases for a household are usually made on a debit card such as supermarkets, gas stations, and discount stores. In each of these areas more and 35% of all purchases are made with a debit card at these locations, meaning that any POS system for businesses in these areas must include reliable debit capabilities.

Credit Cards

Second behind debit cards, credit cards remain extremely popular, especially in purchases made based on want, rather than necessity like debit cards. These types of purchases are most commonly made at department stores and restaurants. In both instances though, credit cards only slightly edge out debit with little more than 30% using their cards. The area that credit cards far edge out all other forms of payment is online shopping where 41% of all purchases are made with a credit card.


The former king of payments, and of course one of the only ways to complete a transaction, has fallen from being used ubiquitously but remains popular in certain domains. 39% of all customers at a fastfood restaurant will choose to pay with cash, but also discount stores and dine in restaurants see around 20% of customers choosing to pay with paper. Business owners in these areas should be mindful of a POS system that will help them keep track of bills.

Other Methods

Paypal was the only other method measured by the study, and every category it scored close to 2% except for online shopping, which should come as no surprise. Online, 22% of a customers chose to pay with Paypal. Despite the fact that the numbers are low, business owners should be mindful of the fact that services like Apple Pay could significantly increase these statistics by the next survey.

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