About Us

Since 2002, POS Global Concepts, LLC has been offering new and refurbished credit card and check equipment to banks, ISOs, check processors, and prepaid-service processors throughout the country. We strive daily to maintain our long record of industry excellence. Customer service is the hallmark of our company.

Our Mission

At POS Global Concepts, it is our mission to be responsive, knowledgeable, and accessible to our customers.

  • We will work with each client on an individual basis to understand how best to leverage our knowledge, equipment, and expertise toward the success of their organization.
  • We will offer competitive pricing on new and refurbished equipment and support its implementation.
  • We will guarantee all of our new and refurbished equipment for one year to ensure quality, and we will provide technical support and troubleshooting services to our customers.
  • We will give our customers every reason to feel confident in our expertise, our professionalism, and our integrity.

Letter from POS Global Concepts President, Gordon Wisotzki

I started POS Global Concepts in 2002 after working in the credit card processing industry for over ten years. My goal was simple: provide great customer service, flexible thinking, and superior products to help our customers. My team and I continue to be committed to this goal.

I welcome customer feedback, both good and bad. Feel free to call me at any time on my cell phone at 703-477-9450.

Thank you for your business.

Gordon Wisotzki