Verifone UX 300

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Consider the UX 300 card reader/controller your new, most dependable employee. This versatile, self-service solution provides secure and reliable transactions for vending machines, public transportation and other unattended, high-transaction-volume environments. Programmed to read most bank cards, chip cards and mag-stripe cards, the UX 300 hybrid card reader works alone or in combination with UX Series PIN pad and NFC-reader options to add more functionality to your self-service environments. Tamper-resistant design features anti-vandalism enclosure that can withstand an impact of up to 10 Joules. Weatherproof enclosure provides top-level protection against dust, liquids and other harmful substances, withstanding IP34. Shutter to prevent foreign body insertion. Designed to easily integrate into existing environments and compatible with many POS host protocols, like ESAI, iECR, ZVT, XPI, VIPA and more. Allows flexible configuration settings with UX 100, UX 110 and UX 400. Proven hybrid card reader technology ensures easy customer guidance. Wide card slot for easy user acceptance.

PART NUMBER M159-300-000-WWA-B
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Product Specifications

Memory: 384MB (256MB Flash, 128MB SDRAM)
Display: Optional with UX 100
Card Readers: Hybrid, triple track MSR, landed smart card, EMVCo approved
Connectivity: 100Mbit LAN, USB-Slave, RS232 Optional MDB, RS485, GPRS, PSTN, ISDN, 4X USB-Master, 2nd LAN
Security: PCI PTS 4.X-approved
Physical: 150mm L × 96mm W × 71mm H (5.91 in. L × 3.78 in. W × 2.8 in. H)

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