Staying ahead of supply chain disruption

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“As global demand improves…supply chain problems are here to stay, making it difficult and expensive for firms to get hold of industrial inputs even as more countries recover from the pandemic.”


These days it seems we’re inundated with news about worker shortages, inventory out-of-stocks, and rising prices. Unfortunately, the point-of-sale industry is no exception.  

While we sincerely hope you are not experiencing these pains, we wanted to share some strategies to help mitigate the challenges you may be facing.

Here’s what POS Global Concepts is doing to stay ahead:

  • Increasing inventory. For several months, we have been working to anticipate demand and stocking up whenever possible, on the most popular equipment from manufacturers like Verifone and Ingenico.
  • Negotiating with manufacturers. To maintain our competitive pricing, we’re striking large volume, priority access deals with equipment manufacturers.  
  • Growing to serve you. We recently brought in additional talent to augment our stellar operations team in Memphis. We’re improving operational processes. And we’re constantly investing in training for our customer service and repair teams. 

And here’s what you can do to minimize impact to your business:

  1. Order early. Evaluate your needs for the coming months and order now before the holiday rush begins. In addition, be prepared to forecast your inventory needs for longer ranges of time to avoid shortages well into 2022.  
  2. Join the queue. In some cases, we are seeing projected delays of greater than 120 days for popular models and parts. If POS Global Concepts is unable to fulfill your order immediately, we can accept a purchase order to fill when the inventory arrives. Anticipate the possibility of longer delivery times in the coming months.
  3. Consider refurbished. In addition to selling new units, POS Global Concepts maintains a robust inventory of high-quality refurbished equipment and peripherals that can often be shipped within 24 hours. Our refurbished equipment includes an industry-leading, 24-month warranty!  If your desired models aren’t available, consider the option of in-stock, refurbished products.

If you would like to place an order or schedule a call to discuss upcoming needs, feel free to reach out.  Together we can create a plan to meet your inventory needs in the coming months. As always, we appreciate your business.

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