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Effectively Sanitizing Your POS Equipment

As the retail industry tries to adjust during this global pandemic, many essential businesses, like grocery stores and pharmacies, are concerned about effectively cleaning and sanitizing their POS equipment to limit the spread of COVID-19. Unfortunately, many machines can be damaged by standard products, particularly if they are sprayed or squirt directly onto the equipment. …

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Meet our expanding POS Global Concepts Team!

We’re so excited to welcome THREE new members to the POS Global Concepts team! The demand for our products and services continues to grow. So we’ve recruited the best in the business to continue to deliver superior equipment and stellar service for you. We have high standards for quality, responsiveness, and delivery. And we know…

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Point-of-Sale and Payment Processing Industry Consolidation: The Pros and Cons for Customers

Over the past couple years, we’ve seen press release after press release announcing acquisitions in the point-of-sale and payment processing industries. In 2017, two deals were announced. ScanSource acquired POS Portal and Ingram Micro acquired The Phoenix Group. In both cases, the acquiring company expanded their portfolio of product and service offerings to include a…

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Only care about price when buying refurbished credit card terminals? What about your reputation?

Value-seeker Vic is ISO bottom-dollar pricing for MX915s. But what he doesn’t realize is that being lured by the inevitable bait-and-switch supplier could impact the quality he provides his customers…and ultimately damage his reputation.  …

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Five Things Your Company Should Know About PCI Compliance

Many organizations are familiar with Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance. If you want a refresher, here’s a good intro article. But understanding the nuanced details can mean the difference between business security and the danger zone. We’ve assembled answers to the five most common questions we get about PCI Compliance.   #1: Why is PCI…

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